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Based in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, C-Tech specializes in computer service and support with a special emphasis on networks, network security, and web-enabled database applications. We have extensive experience in the ColdFusion and PHP programming languages. In addition to our cusTom programming and network support, we also offer computer repair and upgrade services. For more information, please call us at 307-739-9700.

Update AVG AntiVirus

Run CCUpgrade.exe to upgrade your local version of AVG Cloudcare Anti-virus Click on above link and “run” or “save” on your computer to run later. This tool updates the AVG Cloudcare Anti-virus client to the newest version.

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Avalanche Windows Virus

US Computer Emergency Readiness Team (US_CERT) (see link in post) Cyber criminals utilized Avalanche botnet infrastructure to host and distribute a variety of malware variants to victims, including the targeting of over 40 major financial institutions. Victims may have had … Continue reading

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Sustainable Operations

Planning & Management 1. Does your organization have written policies regarding its commitment to, and strategies and goals for implementing sustainable operations. Is this policy shared with your employees, customers and the general public? 2. Has your management and employees … Continue reading

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How to patch OS X for the bash/Shellshock vulnerability

From: Follow the link above to find out about the OS X Bash Shellshock vulnerability.    

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Windows 8 Start Menu Replacement

Lenovo to package this windows 8 start menu with all new PCs:

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Windows 8 VPN Setup

Windows 8 VPN Get Connected Full Article Referenced from Microsoft The VPN client in Windows 8, like the operating system itself, has been optimized for touch devices. This optimization makes creating a VPN connection, and connecting to corporate networks, faster … Continue reading

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Adding Gmail accounts to Windows 8

Well, you have to have a Microsoft account, but after that it is pretty easy: Full article referenced from CNET The Windows 8 Mail e-mail app has a nice, clean interface and works with a variety of e-mail accounts, including Gmail and … Continue reading

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Bar T 5 Web Reservation System

“Everything worked great this summer.  Thank you so much for the system you built.  It works great and is very user friendly.. That is nice when I have to train new crew each summer.”

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Top 10: Windows 8 Keyboard and Mouse Survival Guide (from

So you make the plunge into Windows 8 and before you know it, you’ve been thrown from the frying pan into the fire. 1. Find the corners— 2. Use Win+X— 3. Use the other shortcut keys— You just learned about … Continue reading

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Jonathan Schechter – 1% for the Tetons

Dear Tom, A quick note to say how deeply grateful I am for who you are and how you go about doing business.  Simply put, I wish all my professional relationships were as rewarding as the one I have with … Continue reading

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