Jonathan Schechter – 1% for the Tetons

Dear Tom,

A quick note to say how deeply grateful I am for who you are and how you go about doing business.  Simply put, I wish all my professional relationships were as rewarding as the one I have with you. Which, as I think about it, is  a pretty odd thing to say about my computer repair expert for, without meaning any offense, calling you up to say “help” is never something I want to do.  When I must call, though, I never fail to be impressed by your responsiveness, conscientiousness, and thorough professionalism.  Then throw in that I  enjoy simply hanging around you (even when my computer is acting up), and as  I say, I wish all my professional relationships were as good.

About WayWired

Based in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, C-Tech specializes in computer service and support with a special emphasis on networks, network security, and web-enabled database applications. We have extensive experience in the ColdFusion and PHP programming languages. In addition to our cusTom programming and network support, we also offer computer repair and upgrade services. For more information, please call us at 307-739-9700.
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