Welcome to C-Tech and Way Wired Networking!
Based in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, C-Tech specializes in computer service,sales and support with a special emphasis on networks, network security, and consumer facing software support.  In addition to our cusTom programming and network support, we also offer computer repair and upgrade services.For more information, please call us at 307-739-9700.
Remote Support: C-Tech offers Remote Support through various secure remote support portals.  Please call 307 739 9700, text to 307 690 8324 or email tom@waywired.com to request remote support with any issues you may have.
Facebook Scam Alert:  Please, if selling on Facebook  or other platforms, don’t be fooled to provide MFA Codes to people looking to “confirm you are a real person.”  Any codes from Google or Microsoft should never be provided to a third party, ever.
DNS CHANGER Virus warning
This may be lurking…
An old virus / maleware program that the FBI was keeping from affecting infected users is about to raise its ungly head. Read the PC Mag to learn more.Or simply check your IP Settings and run a currrent copy of malewarebytes on your computer in safe mode (after running RKILL).Have questions? Give me a call tom @ 690 8324
On-Line fraud alert page.
Any information provided below may be incorrect. I apologize if it is, please notify me and I will remove this alert
On-line fraud is terrible. I’ve had great experiences on E-Bay but have hadbad ones too.Here is some advice for spotting fraud on line and protecting your self as well as examples of what you can find.

  • Almost never use a third party escrow company suggested by the seller.
  • If using an escrow company do not trust a professional looking website. Look into when the site was created and any reviews of the escrow company
  • If you google the escrow company and it does not return a thing look deeper. This can indicate that it is a new escrow company and is part of an on-line scam
  • Use only big companies for on-line auctions (e-bay, amazon…)
  • Companies like the above offer fraud protection. Make sure you understand it and use it…